Accounting services:

• Keeping books of revenues and expenses
• Conducting commercial books
• Keeping records of VAT
• Preparation of tax declarations
• Delivery of the declaration to the competent Tax Offices
• Preparation and delivery the "JPK" files to the competent Tax Offices
• Representing before Tax Offices and other offices
• Determining an individual Chart of Accounts Unit
• Keeping records of fixed assets
• Conducting settlements with contractors
• Preparation of documents tax payments
• Monitoring of tax payment deadlines
• Accounting foundations and associations
• Preparation of annual accounts
• Preparation of balances
• Preparation of PIT-11 and transfer to the competent authorities

Operation ZUS:

• Preparation of forms and declarations of insurance and the transfer of

   to the relevant departments ZUS
• payroll

Tax consultancy:

• Full support at the opening of business
• Analysis and assistance in selecting the form of taxation
• Preparation of tax opinions

• Individual tax consultations

Support for accounting departments:

• Advice and support for chief accountants
• Supervision of accounting department
• Organization and / or reorganization of the accounting department
• Identification of risk processes and financial risks the company
• Individual analysis of the cost accounting department and administration

Legal support - (we are working with legal advisers and notaries):

• registration of parties in the KRS
• labor law
• economic law

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