The company was established in 1993.
Certified tax consultant with the number 5430 I received in 1998.
My team consists of accountants with years of experience. For each of our clients we are treated individually.
The customers receive a personal accountant who is at their disposal in all matters relating to the operations.
My employees have full knowledge of accounting, tax, and on personnel matters and social security.
My team is also a people with both legal and engineering education.
We're working on several programs, such as RAKS SQL WF-Fakir, Eva SQL PUZZLE and others.
We are very flexible and we can adapt to the programs on which our customers work.
As part of our activities, we also offer cooperate with the divisions accountants and chief accountants in the form of advice as well as support the tax.
Being on the market for more then 20 years we have gathered a lot of experience in servicing companies with different profiles.
As a result, I understand the needs and problems of existing and new customers.

I cordially invite you to the cooperation.

Bożena Manarczyk

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